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Stretching Is Not Just For Muscles

This may come off as a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of post, but read on anyway.
Patiently stretching your muscles not only reduces some of your DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)and improves your joint mobility.  It can make you happy!  Most of you are saying that you don't feel happy when you're hurts.  Well, listen closely - YOUR DOING IT WRONG!!!  Those of you that have spent time stretching with me know that you should put your "head" in the muscle and breath quietly while concentrating on the muscle relaxing.

My First Blog

Well, it's Tuesday, Novembe 15, 2011.  Today is the day I've knuckled under to the computer age some more by creating this blog.  I spend my days focused on supporting and encouraging my clients, family and friends (that's probably the order of who I spend the most time with on a daily basis).  Those of you that already know me can attest that I'm not generally loquacious about myself.  Although, there are times :)
Thanks to Tony and Joe for working so hard in their training today.  Efforts like that always spark me to be better.