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Winter Motion Reduces Stress
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Client Successes

Inches are being lost! Fat is reducing! Attitudes are imcredibly positive!
This is what makes 4:00am's to 9:00pm's so rewarding.  Great job everybody!

Blogging Timliness

As I predicted, I have been less than optimal when it comes to keeping current with my blogging.  But I'm ready to give it a try again.
The clients, that I currently work with, are working harder than ever and their results are demonstrating it.  They're losing fat and extra inches while improving their energy levels, sleep stability and positive moods.  It's truly a blessing to be able to share so many great experiences with great people.
Share your successes with those around you.  You may be the motivation that changes their lives.

Winter Motion Reduces Stress

Ice Skating!  Yup!  You heard me.  During the warmer months, I fish and golf with my daughter.  But now what?  Well after 40 years (no snickering) I put on a pair of skates and took to the ice.  What a challenge, but what fun.  My daughter had never skated and my muscles had absolutely no recollection on doing this previously.  So the two of us took to the ice like Bambi.  No, I didn't fall even once. 
There are many ways to keep moving during these colder New England months.  If skating isn't for you then try sledding, skiing (downhill or cross-country) or simply hiking in the crisp clean air.  There's plenty of time to catch the holiday repeats on tv.  Keep moving for a stress reduced season.

Time Management

If you've been following my posts, or lack there-of, you can see that I struggle being disciplined with my time management as so many of us do at this time of year. Just like a lot of you I have home and car repairs to do or schedule in between 16 hour work days and spending time with my family (usually at weekend gymnastic competitions with our daughter) and more things only creep in more from there. 
The point, my friends, is that as busy as we say we are, there are ways to fit in a quick workout, a note to a friend, a blog :).

Training Updates

It's getting to that time of year again!
Potential clients are searching my website for help to improve their fitness, health and over-all wellness.  Some want to work on their own with help through my online training aids.  Others are looking for one-on-one training and still others have a friend that wants to work with them in small group training.  If you know any of these potential clients, or are one yourself, the time to call is now.  With the amount of daily driving that I do, I can only handle about 10 scheduled appointments per day.  Call to confirm your space to renew and improve your total health and wellness.

Bailey's Uneven Bar and Floor Routines -- Level 6

Gymnastic Competition

My daughter, Bailey, competed in her second level 6 gymnastic competition today. Being a competitive coach for over 30 years, it's hard to keep my mouth shut and give her coaches the opportunity to make the corrections themselves. Her coaches are more than capable themselves. I couldn't wish for a better team to work with my daughter. I took some video of her routines. Come back soon to see the posts.

Training update

Every client is kicking butt and taking names today. The exercise technique and focused effort by all is greatly appreciated by me. I know they're safe and making progress to their individual goals. Great day!

Cheer Coaching

Preparing to coach Framingham High School JV and Varsity Cheer teams tonight.  There is nothing more energizing than working with kids or adults that put their hearts into their workouts.  Energy is contagious.  Put your energy out there and be amazed on the energy you receive back from others.
Train hard and smart for improvement of life.

Eat For Your Schedule

In the past experts have suggested eating 5-6 small meals per day. In actuality, individuals react differently to food consumption. Some of us experience anxiety when being concerned about how we're going to get "the proper foods"' at "the proper times". This anxiety, or stress, releases cortisol in the body which sends the body into survival mode causing you to tend to retain and/or gain useless fat. If this is you, try this simple process. Eat when you can, but when making your food choices consider your potential activity level formthe next few hours. If you are planning to work out later, then allow a few extra carbs in that meal. For instance, a sandwich with quality protein and whole grain bread will provide a good energy source for your afternoon workout. If you are planning to be at your desk for the next few hours, a salad and some cottage cheese or yogurt would compliment your energy needs. Treat your body like you are planning a car trip. If you don't expect to use a lot of fuel, just top off the tank. If you're going to be speeding or going on a long trip, fill the tank. Just remember to fill it with quality carbs and, as the signs say, don't top off. :) Eating this way will keep you energized for what's next in your life without the stress of continuous meal planning. By being wise, you'll be happy and healthy while training with your favorite trainer.