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My name is John F. Brescia, Jr. and I'm a Fitness Design Professional certified through the International Sports Sciences Association. I have demonstrated success with athletes and would-be athletes of all ages and abilities, ranging from building strong foundations for toddlers, to weight loss and strength building with teens and adults, to working with Olympic gymnasts.  I was awarded a Certificate for Master Trainer, in 2008, through NYStrength, Inc. (a world renowned fitness training and consultation firm). 
Your Fitness Design Professional "Before" Pic
Before Picture as of December 2006 prior to following my own training regimen for health and wellness
That's me on vacation in 2006 at a height of 5ft 11in and tipping the scales at 238 lbs. I had been training individuals for years.  Meeting clients as early as 4:30a and as late as 8:00pm.  My sleep patterns and nutrition habits had taken a very wrong turn. 
I had no idea that I looked like that until this photo was sent to me just before the holidays in December 2006.  People just don't catch themselves off-guard in a mirror and we always adjust our posture before we look. But this was undeniable.  I had to take action immediately.  How could I talk the talk and not walk the walk. Through "food awareness" (making intelligent choices), not "dieting", and a daily exercise program I was QUICKLY on my way to attaining my fitness goals.
Your Fitness Design Professional "After" Pic
After Picture taken in March 2007 showing fitness results through Sculpt-It Fitness Design techniques.This is me in March 2007 just prior to my 49th birthday!  My weight was down to 205 lbs.  I lost 33 lbs in 3 months and continue to maintain this look.
I can show you how to achieve your fitness goals! 
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