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Bride with sleek look after fitness training with her personal trainerBe the bride you always dreamed you'd be
Planning the biggest day of your life is stressful.  Don't let it show.  Improve your energy, calm nerves and exude confidence.  Trim, tighten and tone to look and feel your best on your day of days.
            There's more to good grooming than a haircut
Bride and Groom happy and strong through fitness trainingAre you the man you want to be when you take your bride into your arms?  These will be pictures for a lifetime.  Demonstrate your devotion by toning for a total look and improving strength to effortlessly gather her in your arms to carry her across the threshold.
Parents of the bride and groom pay
Happy couples through fitness trainingWhether you're paying for the rehearsal dinner, the reception, the flowers, the drinks...need I go on?  Make sure you've got the stamina to enjoy the entire affair.  Dance the night away on strong legs and hug them with firm arms.  We have to be older than our children, but we don't have to look it.
            Bride's maids don't get to pick their dresses
Exercise is fun.  Healthy rewards.You can choose the body you're going to put in that dress.  Don't feel self-conscious.  Make sure you feel strong and comfortable so that you'll be focused on your loved ones happiness.  Of course, it doesn't hurt to improve your athleticism for a better chance to catch that bouquet.
            Groom's men aren't just partners for the  bride's maids
Fitness training will be focused with Sculpt-It Fitness DesignIt's hard work planning and throwing a memorable bachelor party.  Don't run out of steam when you're depended on.  Your comrade wants his friend by his side in support on this momentous occasion.  Make sure you represent him in good shape and health.
                Few people have time to make trips to the
     gym during the months of preparation for the wedding
Sculpt-It Fitness Design will bring your training to your home or office.  Together, we'll design a fitness program to accomplish your goals and increase your health and wellness.  Through my instruction and motivation you will learn to perform resistance and cardio exercises with proper technique to expedite your success safely.
There are single session and multiple session packages.  You can work out alone, as a couple or in a group.
Contact me for availability in your area or call (781) 325-3308