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The Holidays are coming...
 Are you prepared to deal with the shorter daylight hours and less time being out and active?
 Don't Delay
It's not unusual for people to gain 10-20 lbs through the winter! 
You can start to change your body in only a few weeks!
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Get Ready For The Holidays --- Purchase a package for yourself or a loved one now to take advantage of these incredible savings!
Short On Time? Try a 30 minute session!
Thirty minute workouts
(1) 30 Minute session ---- $90
(3) 30 Minute sessions/week --- $225
(12) Session package ---------- $725(must be used in a 4 week period or less)
 Know What You Want and Ready to Commit Totally for Maximum Results?
...And Get 20% Off ! 
Sixty minute workouts
(1) 60 Minute session/week plus a daily phone ck/in --- $125/wk
(2) 60 Minute sessions/week --- $200/wk (Save $25/session)
(3) 60 Minute sessions/week ---- $270/wk  (Save $35/session)
(12) Session package ---------- $1000/package   (Save over $41/session)
(must be used in a 4 week period or less)
(39) Session package ---------- $3000/package (Save over $48/session)
That's 3 sessions FREE!!! compared to (12) session package (must be used in a 3 calendar month period) 
I'm looking for individuals that are dedicated to making a positive lifestyle change to look and feel healthier!
There are no magic bullets!
It takes personal dedication! Click on the "Client of the Year" page on the website menu. I can teach you how to work safely and effectively toward your goals.  I can guide you with nutritional information. These things are the beginning of your success. But it is not the total answer. What you do with the stronger/healthier body when we're not together will be the measure of your success. That's where my motivation helps you stay true to your total makeover program.  If you're ready to be dedicated to success, then let's get started... 
"Sculpting" The New You
Reduce unwanted weight and improve your health! 
 Receive expert instruction for safe, focused exercises along with flexibility training and nutrition info to accellerate your body transformation.
Invest in the one thing you can be sure of these days...YOURSELF! 
You will lose up to 20 pounds in 3 months, firm your body and build your strength and stamina while following your individualized fitness plan! 
Don't Delay Any Longer
I'm waiting for your call
 Call today to schedule your free sample workout!
This allows us both a chance to confirm that there is a positive feeling about our partnering toward your fitness success before a commitment is made.  I don't want clients that aren't ready to make a change in their lives anymore than you want a fitness design professional that doesn't match your specific needs.
 Tel: (781) 325 3308
Clients requiring services in areas not currently being serviced at the times requested will be assessed a fuel surcharge of $.40/mile.