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Nikki's handstandSuccess Stories

 "For a coach who saw more in me, More than I thought I could ever be, Who taught me to discipline.  This mind and the body I'm in, Who raised expectations and dreams, Beyond just an athlete's schemes, Beyond normal endurance, Beyond myself, and ever since, I'm a greater person for it, Because you taught me not to quit."John,...You taught me things about gymnastics, friends, leadership, teamwork, inspiration, and myself.The first day you walked in the gym I was skeptical and slightly afraid.  I never imagined that someone as muscular and intimidating as you would be a big teddy bear!  That first day you seemed to see potential in me, and for that I was grateful.  So many coaches had walked through that door and very few paid attention to my struggles and how hard I had to work.  The next time you came in, I was casted for my hand and I was worried that I wouldn't get any coaching because of my injury.  You surprised me again by working me harder than I have ever worked while on the "injured reserve" list.  For that, I am more thankful than you will ever know.Once I got the "ok" to compete, the nerves struck up again.  But you were ready for me and immediately put me to work.  I was so pleased to know that you never gave up hope in me. ...Once everthing was finally back, we went into states.It was my worst meet in a very long time and I was disappointed.  I was disappointed in myself and I was afraid that you were disappointed in me as well.  But when I got off that bar after I fell with the tears in my eyes you said "shake it off, it's okay" but that wasnt good enought for me.  As I washed up, I tried to pull it together.  You could tell when I got back that I wasn't feeling better, and so you pulled me aside and gave me a pep talk.  Those words gave me the courage to walk back into that meet with my head held high and bars in my past.  I finished the meet well, but obviously shaken from the first event. Then, when my best friend bailed on awards when I needed her the most, you sat there with me and gave me the support I needed to stay through it all.  ...No coach had ever done that much for me in one night. When the summer came around, I was hurt again.  I was frustrated, upset, afraid, and had a huge mental block with my giants.  You were much more patient with me than I expected.  It had been my experience that the injured, or afraid would be put to the side, they would have to wait to get better or for the fear to pass, but not you.  You stood there giving me drills, breaks, strength exercises, and the inspiration to push through.  You also knew my body language so well that I sometimes felt like you could read my mind.  From the little nudges when you knew I could handle more to the "Nik, go wash up your done" when you could see that I was really sore.  Every day I walked into that gym knowing that I would always have something to do.  When school came, and more doctors' visits gave us no answers, I knew it was over. I was done.  The thing that defined me was over.  But there you stood, with an encouraging expression on your face, telling me it would be alright.  And as I cried into your shoulder that day, I knew that you were right, and that you would help me through the hard times that were coming....I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.  Including allowing me to feel safe in telling you everything, especially for being encouraging in me going to see the (doctors).  I was so afraid to go but you knew it would be good for me and so I felt better walking in that door. (You always know everything!!)  ...I want you to know that every little thing you have done for me has not gone unnoticed.  ...Lastly, it has been an honor to call you my coach and even though you are leaving and I am not in gymnastics anymore, you will forever be referred to as my coach. ...Thank you for everything.
Nikki F., Holliston, MA
Shelley's bridal picture after fitness training with Sculpt_It Fitness DesignI was getting married in June of 2004 and wanted to look and feel my very best. I felt that my daily workouts were keeping me in shape but they really weren’t pushing me enough to see dynamic results. I started working out with John and in no time I was seeing muscle definition and feeling more confident. John was able to personalize a weekly routine that worked for me as well as provide me with a challenge. John is an excellent motivator and consistently a good coach who believes you can achieve results with some hard work. After working with John consistently for 3 months I achieved my goal and was the bride I wanted to be. My husband was amazed to see me in my wedding dress. John played a significant role in preparation for my wedding. I recommend going to him if you enjoy working out with someone who is supportive, motivating and has a great sense of humor. Got to love those 6am’s!!
~Shelley S. -- Winchester, MA
Shelley's bikini professional pictureShelley's professional photoTo me Fitness means feeling and looking your very best. I had never even heard of Fitness competitions until I had met John. I remember John telling me about some friends he had who competed and I thought; "wow that sounds like a lot of fun." John encouraged me that I too could be successful on stage if I was dedicated and wanted it enough. I have always been athletic and driven by the adrenaline of competition so I decided to go for it. John at that point became my guidance and trainer on my journey to my first set of competitions. I saw huge changes in my physique including fat loss, muscle gain, and a very lean look. From competing I have gained self-esteem and courage to be on stage. I faced many fears in which I never thought were possible. John even encouraged me to follow my passion of training and helping others in becoming a personal trainer. I am now a CPT through NASM. If there is one thing I can do in my life it would be to encourage others to live healthy, balanced-fit lives. I thank John for exposing me to the world of competing and I am thankful to have him as such a good friend!
~Shelley S. -- Winchester, MA
Bela in fitness competition after training with Sculpt-It Fitness Design"John and I are friends and fitness colleagues.  ... he helped me make a crucial decision to finally compete in a Fitness America competition.  It had always been a goal of mine and John helped bring it to life!
He is a motivator all the way!  He finds unique, creative ways to take your workouts to their full potential!
Bela in fitness competition after training with Sculpt-It Fitness DesignBeing a fitness enthusiast most of my life and a Fitness Trainer as well it was fun being on the "other side of the fence" so to speak.  Our training was specific in preparation for the show comprised of cardio, strength training, stretching, and gymnastics training.  Our strength training regimen was focused and to the max; concentrating on form, technique optimizing my workouts for body sculpting purposes.  John also helped me with gymnastic training.  Because I have no experience in that arena, John was thorough and very patient with me throughout those sessions.  It was key for me to stay limber and get flexible for my routine, so John took the time to help with assisted stretching techniques at every session.  John is cautious, attentive and certainly someone you want on your side!  I placed top 10 at my first show!  I attribute my success to John's support, knowledge and confidence booster conversations!
Thank you so much, COACH!"
Bela Santos
BelaBody Personal Training Center

You (John) were my personal trainer for 3 months,before you came along my plan was a tummy tuck. I had a goal to regain muscle tone and lose weight after an accident and thanks to you I achieved it.  I was afraid that when you left I would regain the weight but it has been one month and I am still at the same weight and have maintained the muscle tone. I have taken what you taught me and continued to do the exercises. I am currently  a size 3 and will look great for my wedding.  You have my permission to contact me anytime if you ever need a reference. Once again Dean thanks you and I thank you.
Jessica O. - Billerica, MA    
"John, I can't think of very many people who have affected me more significantly personally and emotionally as you have.  I've just come home from my (wedding) rehearsal dinner and I'm feeling great. . I wore my awesome outfit and I looked great…  I realized how far I had come as a person who is confident with herself and in her body… you have been instrumental in getting me here. Thank you, John. I look forward to continuing our journey together."
~Melonie N. - Dover, MA
"…I dropped a couple of sizes in clothes.  John's sense of humor really makes the time fly.  When we are in the gym together, people try to hear what we are saying and copy what we are doing.  Sunday morning at 8:00 is the best hour of my week!"
~June B. - Newton, MA
"…there's been a visible change in my muscle tone, as well as my overall strength and energy level since I started training with you - about 4 weeks ago. Other people have taken notice, too…"
~Sarah C. - Newton, MA
"As a video cameraperson, I need to be strong enough to carry heavy pieces of equipment.  Six months ago I began to address (with John) the issues of general low energy, weak muscles and an old shoulder injury.  Working with John twice a week has given me the vitality to increase my productivity and keep the creative edge I need to compete in my field.  He has devised a customized program…that fits my schedule and personal needs.  My shoulder feels better and the program doesn't take a huge hunk of my precious time."
~Rosemary J. - Belmont, MA

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