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Client of the Year
2011 - Lisa Forman
I met John in 2009.  He was my daughter's gymnastics coach.  He struck me as an outgoing, goal oriented kind of guy.  Turns out I was right!  He coached the girls and taught them discipline, self-confidence and helped them become strong mind and body.
In 2010, my daughter had to retire from gym because of an ongoing injury.  She became moody and unmotivated.  I called out to John to help get her motivated again, knowing full well that she was not the only one that needed to get motivated.  He began to train her and soon the moodiness subsided and she began to feel better.  I, however, was not feeling any better.  So I reached out John again.  I remember an email sent to him at 3am one night.  Something about, "if Mama ain't happy...".  I couldn't breathe 5 minutes into the first session.  Two push ups was next to impossible.  Two years and twenty-three (scale pounds) later, I gained considerable muscle, I am in the best physical condition I've been in in my life.  I am stronger mentally as well!  As I continue the journey to "the reinvention of me" I know I can count on John to help me stay motivated and on track.  Now when I'm stressed I find my way to my treadmill instead of the cookie jar!   Thanks, John!

2010 - Lauren Cogan
Lauren before training with Sculpt-It Fitness DesignI met John in the fall of 2009 and presented a unique challenge to him.  My name is Lauren and I was diagnosed with an optic and peripheral/sensory neuropathy in my mid 20's.  The optic neuropathy means I am legally blind.  The sensory neuropathy means that I have limited feeling and sensation in my legs and feet.This presented a hurdle for John, because i cannot do many of the "normal exercises".  The positions and movements have to be altered relative to those used for other clients.We went up a steep learning curve as we tried exercises t gauge whether or not I could perform them and whether they would have the desired benefit for me.  I'm not finished yet, but over the last 10 months (with time off for medical issues) I have lost 26lbs of body fat and close to 30 inches.  I am now at the same weight that I was when I was 20; I will turn 41 in November.  I worked hard to follow John's instructionsw and he worked very hard to adapt a plan that would work for me.After 16 years of physical therapy and failed attempts to get in shape I think I have hit the right formula for success. So if, given my challenges, I can achieve these results, what is stopping you from starting the same journey to a better "you"?
Lauren after training with Sculpt-It Fitness Design
Lauren - Billerica, MA
2009 - Kelly LaCasse
Kelly before training with Sculpt-It Fitness DesignBefore I met John my top weight was 170 lbs @ 5'7" and I was very quickly "fitting" into a size 12-14.  I made a decision to go to the gym and do something about what I thought was a disaster of a body, mind and lifestyle.  I'd never been in a gym before, and gradually, I lost 30 lbs doing cardio, some light weights and walking my dog.  I tried the mantra of Weight Watchers, but that didn't seem to stick, then the dreaded "I'm bored of the gym" mindset had set in like a rock.  I thought the equipment was intimidating and I wasn't really sure if I was using the equipment correctly.  Before I knew it, my trips to the gym became less and less.  As a result, I gained 10 lbs!  I knew I wasn't happy with this outcome.  Finally, I realized I was bored of "talking about it", meaning my struggle with my lifestyle, not being all that I could be and most importantly, not accomplishing my own vision.  I knew something more had to be done and decided to take it another step.  A big step.  Luckily, I found John and, during my initial consultation with him, he intimated that my lifestyle could and should change, if I wanted it to.
Within the first 5 minutes of our consultation, I knew working with John was the commitment I needed.  As I suspected, John gave me the support and guidance mentally and physically with just the right amount of a confidence all came together, naturally.  Then I was addicted to the results!Working with John is a true lifestyle change and commitment.  He was as committed to my goals as I was.  We worked together for 6 months, 3 days a week at 5:30a.m. and neither of us cancelled on the other, ever, and in the coldest 6 months of the year too.  I knew I could depend on him.There is no doubt that John is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely skilled in his field, his experience shines through.  He never let me quit, he planned ahead, was consistent with his timing, training, weigh-ins, measurements, record-keeping and was flexible with the "routine" exercises and when he told me "I've got a million of 'em", he wasn't kidding!  John's communication is superb, I didn't realize I should have been ready for some real, tough, straightforward question and answer sessions.  Even more important, being a pretty independent person with a strong personality, I had to be ready for him to help me all the way throught this commitment and lifestyle change.
Who wants to keep talking about their struggles?  Why not turn it around and talk about your accomplishments!  Now I am 130 lbs and fitting into a size 2-4!That's an accomplishment that I truly never thought I'd see, but with John's vision and support, I superseded my goals!There are people that come into our lives that are meant to be there.  They're like your angel in disguise.  For me, John is one of those people.
Kelly after training with Sculpt-It Fitness Design

Kelly LaCasse - Billerica